Hi! Thank you for your interest in adopting a rabbit.  
Please fill out the following questionnaire so we can match you with the perfect rabbit.
*Please be aware that we only adopt to smoke free homes. Thank you!
Please enter todays date.

What is your full name? *

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What is your full address including city? *

What is your phone number?

Please note rabbits must be housed indoors only.  Rabbits may live for up to 12 years.  Rabbits may not be adopted out as gifts or as a child's pet.  All rabbits will be spayed and neutered prior to final adoption.
Applicants must be 21 yrs of age or older.

Do you smoke in your home? *

Please list any other family members or people who live in your household and their age if under 18.

Who will the primary caregiver be?

Does any member of the household have allergies to hay?

How many hours are you away from home daily?

Housing *

Do you object to a home visit? *

Who is your current Veterinarian?

Phone number of Vet office

May we contact them as a reference for you?

Please list any animals in your household: (there is an additional section if you have more than one in the next question.)




Kept Inside or Outside:

Where did you get him or her?

Spayed or Neutered

Please list any animals currently in your household.




Kept Inside or Outside:

Where did you get him or her?

Spayed or Neutered

Have you had rabbits before?

Please list any RABBITS no longer in your household.



Kept inside or outside

Spayed or neutered?

What happened to him or her?

If you answered yes to having a rabbit, please describe their diet.

Do you have a rabbit now?

Have you ever surrendered any of your pets to a shelter?

Have you ever personally given away any of your pets? *

If yes to either question what were the circumstances?

Are you looking for:

Are you looking to adopt a rabbit in particular?  If so who is the rabbit?

Please check the level of research you have done on rabbit care: *

How long do you expect to have your new rabbit?

I must have this type of bunny: *

I do not want this type of bunny: *

Describe the living area for your bunny: *

Location of living area for bunny:

Amount of playtime with people per day:

How much money per month are you willing to budget for your new bunny?

Are you willing to take your rabbit to the vet as needed? *

Who will care for the bunny when you go on vacation? *

Are you aware that if you can no longer provide the proper care for your new bunny you must return them to Tiny Paws?

Any additional questions or comments:

I certify that all of the information is true and I understand that the rescue has the right to deny applications.  Please sign or type your name:

Thank you for applying to adopt a rescue rabbit.  Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 24 hrs.

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